Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Foot Slips of Life and Leadership

UV 1724/10000 Foot Slips of Life and Leadership
He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.
Psalm 121 v 3

The “foot slips” on the precipices of life, leadership and management can by quite risky and costly. A slip on the precipice of life could cost one’s life. A mere fall on a slippery floor can end our lives or leave us maimed for the rest of our lives. A slip on the precipice of leadership could cost one’s reputation and position. A slip on the precipice of management can cost a lot to the organisation and individual. Some of our “foot slips” are accidental or due to circumstances but some are wanton or deliberate. The Lord promises to keep our feet from slipping and our eyes from the consequent tears of our fall. But we need to lean heavily on the Lord in these trying times. We need to move in the umbra or the inner core of His shadow or presence and not the weaker penumbra or the periphery of faith. He will enable us to get a firm grip on the track we are trudging on. The enemy of our souls lays booby traps in terms of temptations and troubles on the way we are walking in but the Lord keeps our feet from being caught therein.

The Lord watches over us day and night. He maintains a vigil and keeps us from the snares of the enemy. He foils the plots and conspiracies of those who oppose us. He does not let His guard down even for a milli-second. He warns us of possible obstacles and barriers with a whisper of the Holy Spirit who guides our feet and our decisions. Even when we commit blunders, He catches us as we fall and contains the damage. He sends His angels to keep our feet from dashing against a stone, whether physical or metaphorical. He holds our hands and never lets go under any circumstance. We should not however due to our own stubbornness and willfulness prise our hands free and attempt to move in the opposite direction. Leadership is about knowing the right direction while management is taking steps in that direction. Only the Lord knows the perfectly right direction and He guides us step by step till we reach the intended destination or goal. He is our keeper and our brothers’ keeper. Jesus is the great Shepherd who takes complete responsibility for His sheep. Every one of us counts.

The Lord is able to raise up help from any quarter even as Esther was told by her foster father Mordecai to persuade her to approach the king for protection for the Jewish people against the evil plot of Haman to destroy all Jews. The best of security systems can be thwarted but the Lord’s protection is fail proof. He goads, He guides and He guards. By human strength or prowess, we cannot prevail or triumph but by His grace we prevail. It is amazing how the Lord is able to provide this level of security cover to billions of believers like us all through history. It is written that His seven pairs of eyes move to and fro across the earth to act strongly in behalf of those who are faithful. It is not as if He overprotects us and keeps us from learning from any mistakes. Even if we fall seven times over, each time He will enable us to rise again with renewed strength. He will ensure that we do not get floored with a “knock out” blow and that we finish well in the race and fight of faith. We will emerge from each failure or setback a little wiser, a little more faithful, a little better and stronger. I have experienced physical foot slips, professional foot slips, personal foot slips, emotional foot slips, financial foot slips but the Lord has kept me from stumbling and falling flat on my face. His grace has helped me recover rapidly and fully.

Prateep V Philip

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