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The Five Mountains of Israel-Our Help

UV 1735/10000 The Five Mountains of Israel- Our Help
Son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel and say, “ O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord.”
Ezekiel 36 v 1
When we face the mountains of life- the challenges, problems, afflictions, difficulties of our lives- we should look to the mountain of the Lord for our help. Before the Lord all these mountains will become as plain land. Instead, the Lord raises five mountains of Israel for our help: the mountain of Horeb where we drink of its spring water- the Word of God- we will be strengthened and renewed in hope. When we are frustrated and thirsty we should go to Horeb. We should go to Mount Horeb early in the morning to get the manna before the day breaks, consume it to renew our strength so that the sun or the heat and the pressures of the day does not spoil the manna. All our problems will get diluted and digested. We get help also from Mount Tabor where Deborah, the leader and judge of Israel prayed to Jehovah Nissi and obtained great deliverance from the Lord. We go to Mount Tabor to experience the power of spirit-filled prayer and deliverance. We will experience the transfiguration experience of Jesus on Tabor. We will be filled with power from on high.
The third mountain of the Lord is Carmel where we enjoy a spiritual and fruitful garden in the presence of the Lord. Carmel is the place where Elijah slew the priests of Baal, the place where the fifty strong guard were consumed, the place where Elisha restored the widow’s son from death. We receive help from our Ebenezer to stand strong and victorious, where we experience many miracles and wonders of deliverance and judgement. The fourth mountain of the Lord is Hebron which means “to join.” Since we are joined with the Lord no one can stand before us to intimidate us or touch us or attack us. The Lord will bless our associations and friendships. He will bring the right people our way to help us handle our problems and challenges. The fifth mountain is the mountain of Moriah on which the Lord provided Abraham a ram. It is a sign and symbol that in Jesus we have complete provision to fulfil every vision and purpose in accordance with the sovereign will of the Lord. The Lord allowed the mighty Jesus to be caught like a vulnerable sheep in a bush for our sake. The Lord will send us help from Mount Moriah. He will provide our specific need.

When we dwell and use the help of the above five mountains , we ascend the mountain of the Lord - Zion, the mountain of the presence of the glory of the Lord. The Lord will elevate us and promote us. He will lift us up to be a city built on a hill, to be a light in the contemporary darkness. We obtain the prevailing help of the Lord even as we worship Him and immerse ourselves in His presence, use His gifts and authority that He has delegated to us. In the presence of the Lord, we are surrounded by these five mountains. We should draw our strength from these five spiritual or supernatural strongholds to overcome all the mountains and giants of this world. We can prophesy our victory ahead of time, or declare the defeat, the neutralisation, the elimination of the mountains of the world. Our performance will be at peak levels in every area or sphere of life. We need to speak the Word of help of the five mountains according to the need and context with the spirit and boldness of a prophet. Before it happens we should speak with authority and faith and the Lord will cause that which hampers us, tries or conspires to harm us to be utterly shaken and defeated forever. The mountains of darkness, the mountains of this world will melt like wax in the presence of the Lord as we speak His Word prophetically to it. Whenever we face a mountain in this life, we should climb the higher mountain of the Lord and decree against it. We need to prophesy or command the valleys or low points in our lives to be elevated, the rough places to be made smooth, for the streams of blessing and rivers of joy to flow. We need to prophesy to the multitudes of dry bones or people leading only a hand to mouth existence, a skeletal existence to come alive. The power and authority to do so is vested not only with prophets like Elijah and Elisha but with any son or daughter of man. The natural man can naturally be supernatural.

Prateep V Philip

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