Monday, April 11, 2016

Positive Endurance and the Double Portion

UV1724/10000 Positive Endurance and the Double Portion
Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;
Zechariah 9 v 12
The Lord is our stronghold. Every other stronghold is a deceptive quagmire or quick sand that drags us in and drowns us. We need to return from time to time, day after day to the Lord for our fill of strength, renewal and refreshment just as animals come dawn after dawn to their watering hole to have their fill of water and to cool down with a dip in the water. We also get cleansed in our innermost being by dipping into the Lord. We can tear down every spiritual stronghold of darkness with the power and authority the Lord vests in us. We can break every chain and bondage that restricts us by His power working in us.

Our bodies as well as the world’s systems hold us prisoners but we have hope in Jesus for Christ in us is the hope of salvation, freedom from every curse, limitation and shortcoming in our lives. We hold onto the declaration of the Lord that “it is finished.” He has accomplished everything for us on the cross for us to claim it in faith and grace. He does not want us to look back like Lot’s wife at what we have left behind but seize the opportunity of the present moment and today for this is the day of salvation.
As we immerse ourselves in the Lord and renew our strength, He promises to restore us to former glory and grace as well as to give us a double portion or a double share in His manifold blessings, grace, anointing, power, mercy and peace. Elisha the prophet and successor of Elijah received a double portion of anointing which prevented the former from being depressed and feeling frustrated and defeated unlike Elijah who was run to the ground by the evil powers of this world. Our bones will never be dry and our hope will never be cut off. We will receive double our prosperity even as Job was made twice as prosperous as he was before his many afflictions. When we suffer losses or setbacks, we should realize and hold onto this hope that the Lord will bless us even more and doubly once we patiently and positively endure our afflictions, never giving an opportunity for doubt, fear or frustration to set in and overtake our souls.
Prateep V Philip

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