Thursday, April 14, 2016

The All Encompassing Identity

UV 1726/10000 The All Encompassing Identity
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3 v 28

Our separate identities are dissolved in Christ Jesus. He is like the ocean in which all rivers merge and blend. Most people think that their identity is their destiny and feel they cannot be separated from their identity either of nationality, religion, race, colour, gender, class, clan, language, family and so on. But this uni-verse transforms the pattern of our thinking. Even the identity of gender that is biologically determined is dissolved. In the kingdom of God there is perfect unity of identity in Christ. The only factor that determines our identity in Christ is our faith. If we believe in Christ as the Son of God sent as our personal Saviour and Lord, then we become heirs of the faith of Abraham.

Most people cling to their identities as they get a sense of power from these. They derive a sense of pride from their separate identities. But the power and grace derived from the promises of God as children born again in spirit is far greater. Even if the whole world is against us and God is with us, we are on the winning side. Conversely, even if the whole world is for us and God is against us, nothing and no one can save us. Our identity by virtue of birth, nationality, gender, colour, class or race is of limited value in comparison with our identity as followers of Jesus. The name of Jesus is the banner that defines and unites us. Our identity in Christ makes us also anointed or chosen by the Lord. To be anointed is to be called, equipped, empowered, blessed. Our identity is not our destiny but it helps us to fulfil our destiny or purpose in life.
Once we are sure of our identity in Christ, we must constantly check if our attitudes, personal qualities and habits are in tune or consistent with our identity in Him. We should live in such a way that He should be able to recognize us and not say that He does not know us. We should not identify ourselves with the denominational and traditional or doctrinal walls that separate the followers of Jesus. We are as one body and one spirit. All who call unto the Lord and pin their hope on the name of Jesus will be saved. Hence, our primary identity is as a people redeemed by grace and the operation of faith working out or expressing itself in love.
Prateep V Philip

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