Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fly HIgh, Run Strong, Walk Slow, Wait Long

UV 1738/10000 Fly High, Run Strong, Walk Slow, Wait Long
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint
Isaiah 40 v 31
We need to wait upon the Lord with prevailing faith. By strength no man will succeed but by faith every man can prevail. Waiting implies expecting a positive outcome from the Lord. We wait with praise, thanksgiving and adoration. We wait with positive attitudes. Our faith lifts us up above our circumstances. The Lord will exalt us to a new orbit. Through faithful prayer and the Word, we can fly at the height of heaven, around the throne of God Almighty, far higher than any spacecraft or aircraft or bird. When circumstances are adverse or negative, we should take a flight of faith like an eagle. The eagle keeps flying in circles till its eye spots a prey on which it swoops down and picks up by its talons. When we gain height in our spirits and look at ourselves and our issues, we will gain perspective- a heavenly perspective. We need to soar in our spirits using the wings of prayer and the Word and the Lord will enable us to spot the solution and swoop down on it. Once we get the vision, we can run with it with renewed motivation and strength. We will overcome our inner weaknesses that would otherwise drag us down and make us weary and morally as well as spiritually defeated.

This is problem-solving- God’s way: we need to first, fly, then, run and finally, walk- a reverse of the laws of aviation. Faith will illuminate not the whole way but only the next step that we need to take. We can only walk on the ground. We need to live life moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. Even as we walk and encounter obstacles and challenges, the Lord will enable us to shift gears and move into flight mode whenever the barrier comes up ahead. We fly over the barrier and hit the ground running. Flying refers to flights of faith and not of imagination. Running refers to starting whatever we are doing with great zeal. Walking refers to the panning out of God’s will and plan for our lives, step by step. Our difficulty as human beings is that we are not ready to fly high, wait long or walk slow. We want to walk fast and run strong. The Lord teaches us over our lifetime, our walk with Him to fly high, to run strong, to wait long and walk slow.
The metaphor of the eagle is used to indicate that every believer is a leader. He has eagle vision and eagle wings. Like an eagle is able to grow new feathers, even after a debacle or setback, we can grow back our wings of faith and mount on high. An eagle has a killer instinct. In this aspect we differ from an eagle. Though we have great power residing in us, a sharp mouth and sharp talons to seize, we are like a dove in terms of our lethality. An eagle flies over the storm and likewise, we should fly above the current problem we are facing. We should fly by faith over every mountain we face in our lives and careers. An eagle attacks a serpent or snake not on the ground but by changing the theatre of conflict or warfare to the air, it is able to easily overpower the deadly adversary. Similarly, we do not fight in the flesh but change the theatre of conflict to the realm of the spirit where the kingdom of God prevails. Like an eagle trains its young by nudging it off cliffs and keep itself to catch the young as they come crashing down, we are called to mentor and train succeeding generations of the young in undertaking the flight of faith.

Prateep V Philip

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