Saturday, June 18, 2016

One Cause, Multiple Effects

UV 1787/10000 One Cause, Multiple Levels of Blessing
For the seed shall be prosperous; the vine shall give her fruit, and the ground shall give her increase, and the heavens shall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things.

Zechariah 8 v 12

Our children and our descendants shall be prosperous. We being joined to the True Vine, Jesus shall bear the fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self control. We shall till and plough the ground and our labour will yield increase upon increase. The Lord being pleased with us will bless us with every spiritual blessing from the heavenly place. These are our possessions or the blessings that the Lord will cause us to have. In being so blessed, we will have no lack or shortage or deficiency. We have multiple levels of blessing in the Lord, from within, from without or outside us, from below, from above.

The good seed of the gospel shall so prosper in our lives and our ministry. The seed of our talents, our ideas, our efforts, our faith will also bear good fruit in all areas or fields of our lives. The seed of the promises in the word will work wonders in our lives. The ministry of the Holy Spirit towards us is to transform us from within. He will create a new heart and a new spirit within us. He will remove the dross of impurities from our faith and our character. We will be so rooted and grafted in the love of God and of Christ that we will wield the power and grace of God. The Lord will do mighty things in us, for us and with us. The inner work is the top priority for the Lord as it should be ours. We tend to give top priority for the blessings from without, or outside us, namely our circumstances and possessions. We must first seek to build our character and inner qualities before we seek to be blessed materially or monetarily. This is what is meant by Jesus saying, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness- all these things shall be added unto you.”

The Lord is the cause of all the good things in our lives. He affirms that we belong to Him and He belongs to us. We are the “remnant”, the chosen few, the blessed of the Lord. Jesus saw Nathaniel and knew his heart’s longing for a Messiah even before the latter set sight on Him or heard Him or heard of Him. So also, the Lord sees us, knows us, chooses us even before we choose to follow Him. We live for the Lord and thrive by His grace. As we are rooted and grafted in Him, He feeds us from within. He nourishes every part, He heals every part of us, He strengthens every part of us, He blesses every part of us.

Prateep V Philip

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