Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our God Talk

UV 1776/10000 Our God Talk

I say to myself, “ The Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for Him.”

What we say to ourselves is our self talk. It is the window to our soul, our core beliefs. Psychologists like Dr Shad Helmstetter call it the keyboard or inputting device of the human mind. When we involve the Lord in our self talk He is virtually in charge of our keyboard and gives us all the inputs in terms of His spoken Word we need to produce the outcomes He desires. The sum total of those inputs are our portion or share in the Kingdom of God. Once we receive the inputs in terms of relevant portions or specific portions or rhema verses, we need to wait for these spiritual seed to grow in the soil of our souls or lives. We have self talk, others talk and God talk. Our God talk and our self talk helps us be effective in our talk and walk with all other significant people in our lives: spouse, children, friends, enemies, associates, strangers, neighbours. Prayer and meditation are types of God talk.
Our God talk gives us seed that are spiritual resources that are meant to satisfy our every need. Instead of our walk validating our talk, our God talk will enable us to validate our walk or the practical steps we take every day in our lives to fulfil our life goals.

During the waiting period, the seed casts down deeper and deeper roots. The deeper and stronger the roots or core values of our lives become, the more we can endure, withstand and overcome the storms of life. The more we prepare the soil of our souls, the richer are the fruit or outcomes of our lives. We are unlike fruit trees of nature not single fruit producing trees but multiple fruit producing. We produce different fruit in different seasons. Even the words we speak become the leaves that heal the nations, societies, individuals and families.

Our gifts and talents are part of the portion we have received from the Lord. We need to discern what these are and hone these to the highest and greatest levels. We have natural gifts, intellectual gifts, gifts of communication, gifts of creativity, emotional gifts, social gifts and spiritual gifts. We need to be patient in waiting for the Lord to create openings for us to use our gifts by His grace for His glory. The spiritual gifts and graces are the greatest gifts that need to be exercised for the benefit of all, with diligence, humility and responsibility. The more we use our spiritual gifts, the greater is our inheritance, the greater our need to avail the promises of the Lord.
Prateep V Philip

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