Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Sacho" Power for Battle

UV 1798/10000 “Sacho Power” for Battle
For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me
Psalm 18 v 39

Each of us is fighting different types of battles all our lives: the battle in our own minds and hearts, the battle against temptations and weaknesses, the battle against those who hate us and revile us with or without reason. The Lord equips us with spiritual armour and fills us with His immense and unlimited strength and power. Every part of our bodies, minds and spirits are protected or girded. He places His sword in our hands. Faith is a shield that defeats every arrow of fear, destroys every snare of the foe of our souls. The Lord trains us for battle. He enables us to fight the primary battle within us and the secondary battles around us. He teaches us military strategy. He calls us His “warriors for peace.” None can defeat us. He subdues all those who rise against us as He subdued the implacable enemies and foes of King David. None can stand against us all our days as none could stand against Moses and Joshua. He being like a consuming fire is passionate about us and surrounds us with fire walls against all the vices of this world. We are like the bush on Mount Sinai that the Lord lit up without destroying to manifest Himself to Moses. We just need to take battle position and the Lord will fight for us. We just need to heed every word and leading of the Lord. Neither horse nor chariot can prevail against us, nor any weapon forged by man in all his ingenuity. We should be ready to battle and muster our inner strength. We draw our vigour from the Word daily.

We are declared more than conquerors as death cannot defeat us. We are more than conquerors as without exchanging a blow, we have certain victory. It is an oxymoron but it is both ironic and true that our battles are non violent. It is through His Spirit and our meekness, not by might or power that victory is wrested. We are more than conquerors as our battle is not physical but in the spiritual realm. In the world, the declaration or proclamation of victory or triumph comes after the battle but the Lord first declares the victory for us and then secures it for us. On our foreheads, it is written Jesus Christ, implying that since we belong to the Lord, none can touch us or defeat us. Our heels are the “Jesus heel” that crushed the head of satan. An army of angels and chariots of fire are marshalled on our behalf.

The Lord goes before us as a mighty breaker. He clears our barriers and makes our pathway smooth. He also follows us in our wake to protect our rear as a rear guard. He places a banner proclaiming our victory with the words, Jehovah Nissi. The enemies are scattered like dust even as we are secured on the Rock. The arena of our battle keeps changing from day to day. The array of forces against us are dispersed in seven directions. The Lord also uses each of us as a sharpened battle axe, a hammering rod to break down bronze gates and cut through steel bars to extend His kingdom. Imagine the awesome power of an uncompromising Samson who gave no room to weaknesses of our flesh, who did not meddle or get involved in civilian affairs. We are to be filled with all the power of the Holy Spirit and exhibit the character traits of self control, gentleness, peace and patience. These may not sound “macho” but “sacho”- spiritually powerful qualities of the soldier of God. The Lord being with us is the source of our power. The certainty or guarantee of victory is on account of His presence with us. Our voices and hands raised in prayer, praise and worship ensures the defeat of our enemies.
Prateep V Philip

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