Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Code of Great Communication

UV 1796/10000 The Code of Great Communication
The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.
Isaiah 50 v 4

This uni-verse reveals the secret to great communication. One needs to discipline the tongue and ears to listen to the Lord, day after day, morning by morning. When we listen to Him and His Word, He pours His grace and wisdom upon our lips. We need to still our tongue in order to listen to learn. Our yearning for the Lord and His grace is what gives us the motivation to so discipline ourselves. The Lord anoints our ears, our minds, our lips and tongue. The Holy Spirit interprets the Word to us and sends it to our innermost parts to heal, to deliver, to bless, to enable. He imparts to us the gift to speak the fitting word to encourage, comfort and build the faith of those who are discouraged, tired or mourning. The tongue’s highest purpose is to convey the things we have learnt from the Lord to others in our circles of control and influence. Prayer is the time and season when we hold our tongues in order to talk with the Lord. It is during these times and seasons that we learn the most of and from the Lord.

Our learning from the Lord is not to advance our reputation or to impress others but to lift up the depressed. Our knowledge and communication has a purpose that is focussed on the needs of others. Our words are described as fruits of the lips. The seed are planted in our souls by the Spirit of God. It is watered and fertilized by the knowledge and understanding of the Word. It bears fruit or results in due time and season. Just as precious and healthy fruit are not wasted but collected and used to feed the hungry and weary, our words are not to be wasted but used to be a blessing the multitudes. It is food for the hungry multitude who are facing a variety of issues, challenges and difficulties in life. Our words impart faith, hope, strength, courage, grace to others. The rivers of life –giving water that bubble up from our hearts and spirits find their outlet through our tongues. The lava of erupted fury, bitterness and negativity also flows from our tongues. The mark of godly wisdom, meekness, maturity and perfection is the way we yield our tongues to the Lord to be used of Him to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God, to release power, to deliver people from their chains and bondages, to impart gifts, to equip and train. We are to be a messenger , a spokesperson for the Lord to the world as Moses was sent to speak to Pharaoh.

The human tongue is an unique and powerful weapon of life- giving and life- enhancing potential not a sharp weapon to cut others up. Its purpose is fulfilled only when we surrender it to the Lord to be used by Him. If we do not do so, it becomes a weapon of destruction that ignites many quarrels, stimulates envy, hatred, argument, conflict and violence. The tongue is disciplined in a season of silence and submission. The ears shaped like funnels are meant to pour in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord and to filter out the noise, sound and fury of the world. As a thumb rule, going by the body code of two ears to one tongue, we need to proportionately double the time we listen to the Lord and to others and halve the time we speak. We need to develop the sensitivity to understand the inner needs and feelings of others to be able to release the power of God through our tongues in a timely and effective manner.

Prateep V Philip

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