Thursday, June 9, 2016

To Be Blessed Forever

UV 1779/10000 To Be Blessed Forever
Therefore now let it please thee to bless the house of thy servant, that it may continue for ever before thee: for thou, O Lord GOD, hast spoken it: and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever.
2 Samuel 7 v 29

Though this is a prayer by King David to bless his house for ever, the Word of God is so dynamic, effective and relevant that we in this day and age after 2500 years can equally make it our own prayer and promise. A house is a structure that has a strong foundation, walls, flooring, windows, doors and a roof. The strong foundation of the house that represents our lives is faith in the Rock of Ages- Jesus. The fencing are the amazing and numerous promises in the Word. The pathway to the house is the Word. The light of the house is His commandments. The furnishing of the house are the examples and testimony of the many men and women of God described in the Word. The windows are our prayers. The doors are the opportunities that life presents us. The walls are our personal relationship with the Lord. The roof is the fulfilment of the purpose of God in our lives.

We are not to ask the Lord to bless our house just for our lifetime but forever. Man knows only three tenses- the past, the present and the future but all these tenses converge into eternity. The Lord has set eternity as a goal or pursuit in all our hearts as He created us in His image. Somehow, we all realize that our house here is not permanent. We know that our house beyond time is for all eternity. It is a house built by the hands of the Lord. Its foundation is rock. Its windows are of agate and precious stones. The steps leading into it are of gold. We need to store things there that neither moth nor rust nor thief can destroy. The uni-verse hits the nail on the head when it says that our lives should be pleasing to God in order that our prayers and praise are pleasing to Him. It is then that His face will shine on us and our days on earth as well as our eternity will be blessed forever.

The use of the word ‘ servant’ clearly shows that David saw himself as a servant of God. A servant of God becomes a leader of people. He is accountable to God for not only his actions but even his thoughts, goals, desires, actions and reactions. When a servant of God is faithful and is pleasing to Him in all his ways, he becomes a blessing to people. We are blessed in order to bless others. A person who passes on the blessings of the Lord to others is like the Sea of Galilee that is fed by the river Jordan and is teeming with life. A person who stores or hoards the blessings without passing it on to others is like the Dead Sea in which no life can live let alone thrive. We are given much in order to give more to others. The highest to the lowliest are called to be servant leaders, servants of God and leaders of people. David knew that he was a man in authority but under the authority of God. The centurion humbly told Jesus that he was a man in authority and under authority like Jesus. He only had to speak a word of command and his bidding would be done. Similarly, Jesus subjected Himself to the authority of God, the Father. Jesus was served by the angels and archangels but He laid down His life as a blessing to every human being. We may not realize it but every human being living today or who has ever lived has been blessed in some way by the life of Jesus. Every believer subjects himself or herself to the authority of God. It is God who blesses us to be authors or creators or innovators or implementers. Our tongues are like the pen of a ready writer, ready to offer prayer, praise, comfort, encouragement, guidance, inspiration, blessing.

Prateep V Philip

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