Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Faith and Justice Genes

UV 1777/10000 The Faith and Justice Genes
This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.
Genesis 6 v 9

The world we now live in, our generation is similar in many ways with that of Noah. The contemporary world is full of violence, corruption, unrighteousness, greed and immorality as it was in the time of Noah. Yet, like Noah we are to live counter intuitive, counter culture lives. We are called to be God fearing under the old covenant and God loving under the new covenant. We no longer obey out of just fear of God but out of the sheer love of Jesus. Jesus demonstrated to us in a direct, personal way the eXpression of true, absolute and perfect love.

Our faith is going to affect our generations. In his book “ A Spiritual Clinic” Oswald Sanders compared the legacy of an unbelieving man named Max Jukes with that of a believer called Jonathan Edwards, both from New York and about the same time. Max Jukes married a woman who lacked principles and faith. Among his 1200 known descendants, 310 became vagrants, 440 wrecked their lives with debauchery, 130 were in prison for an average of 13 years, seven of them for murder. A hundred were alcoholics. 60 were habitual thieves, 190 were prostitutes. Jonathan Edwards married a woman of character and faith. Of his descendants, 300 became clergymen, 100 became college professors, over 100 became attorneys,30 became judges, 60 became physicians, over 60 became authors, 14 became university presidents, some became industrialists. Three became congressmen and one became the Vice President of the USA. These case studies show that the most important decision a person can make is to follow Jesus, to walk with God, implying to involve the Lord in every step of life. When we walk with God, we walk into the pages of the spiritual history of the world. We pass on the faith genes of Abraham, Noah, Daniel to those both near and far.

We are to earn the esteem of God as Daniel, Joseph, Moses, Noah, the apostles like Peter, Thomas and Paul. We are to be both just and perfect. In a generation that believes in “ just do it” we need to do the just. We need to make it a habit to think, feel, speak, do the right thing all the time. We need to renew our minds with the Word and refuse to conform to the world and its standards. We believe in the God standard and not the gold standard. We also need to be perfect, implying think, feel do things in such a way as to imitate Jesus, to reflect, magnify and manifest the perfection of the Father, to live in such a way as to transform or touch or influence all who come in contact with us. Like a live wire, we need to pass on the divine electricity to all who come close to us.

Prateep v Philip

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