Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Bunch of Keys

UV 2069/10000 The Bunch of Keys
And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open

Isaiah 22 v 22
This uni-verse is spoken of Elikiam, the Prime Minister to King Hezekiah. As Prime Minister, he controlled who gained access or audience to the king. Jesus today and forever holds the key to David as the government rests upon His shoulder. Each believer is like a vice regent or Prime Minister to Jesus in ruling the spiritual world. We should be a servant leader like Elikiam who knowing the King’s will took decisions to further it. Often in our lives, we tend to bang our heads on walls, struggle against bronzen gates and doors- while all the time, we have the keys to open these dangling on our shoulder. This is the lighter yoke the Lord has placed on our shoulders- the responsibility to lead with a vision, to govern with diligence and wisdom. The solutions to the problems we face may not be found unless we use the key of David, the key to lock the influence and power of the kingdom of darkness, evil and death, the key to the power of heaven and earth.
A key is a symbol or metaphor of authority and control. In order to use a key to open a lock, we need to know which key is meant for which lock or we should be willing to try one key after another till one fits. The Lord has laid upon our shoulder a bunch of keys: the key of David that will open the door that no man can close and shut the door that no man can open, the key to Hades and death and the key to bind that which needs to be bound and to loose that which needs to be loosed. The house of David was a house of victory as opposed to the house of Saul that was in decline and defeat. If we use our authority in heaven and earth that the Lord has delegated to us, we will enjoy victory and move from strength to strength, joy to joy, wisdom to wisdom, blessing to blessing. The house of David was a house of worship, praise and thanksgiving. Constant and consistent worship and thanksgiving along with contentment are a source of joy, victory and blessing. The doors that these keys open are divinely ordained and no man can stop us from opening and entering these opportunities or openings in our lives. The doors that these key lock cannot be opened by anyone, however high or mighty.

Using the key to Hades and death, we can pre-empt evil and temptation from prevailing against us. Using the authority to bind and loose, we can bind the powers of the enemy to confound, taunt, shame, sadden or worry us. We can bind the power of every curse, destroy every limitation, overcome every challenge. Invisible forces conspire against us can be bound using the Jesus-given authority to bind these forces. We have authority to bind evil against us or others and the authority to release the goodness or blessings of heaven. We need to safeguard the bunch of keys entrusted to us with a sense of diligence and responsibility. A simple turning of a key opens a door or locks it. Likewise, a simple turning in faithful prayer to Jesus opens or locks doors, binds or looses the power to heal, to deliver, to defeat, to overcome, to wrest victory. In addition to these three generic or master keys, we receive and use specific keys in various situations in the shape of “rhema” or specific promises spoken into our lives. Each promise of the Lord is a key to open the hidden treasures of heaven.

Prateep V Philip

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