Friday, September 9, 2016

The Combo of Joy

UV 2065/10000 The Combo of Joy
Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.
Psalm 112 v 1

The one who fears the Lord is guaranteed divine wisdom. Such a person delights in the Word of the Lord. He considers it more than necessary food, more than the delicacies of the best chefs of the world, more than all the money and riches, pleasures and luxuries of this world. He dwells on it frequently and dwells in it continually. It enables him to comprehend the wonders, the blessings, the riches that the Lord has reserved for those who love Him. He first comprehends and then, he perceives or experiences these blessings. A cornucopia or a combo of various overflowing blessings, physical, social, financial, emotional and spiritual, await the one who delights greatly in the Lord and His Word. It is not enough to just delight but to delight greatly or far above the average or ordinary level.

Psalm 112 starts off with a 'hallelujah' which is the Hebrew word for 10000 praises, 10000 thanks for the 10000 reasons, blessings, promises of the Lord to those who live in a covenant or relationship of commitment to the Lord and His Word. Some of these blessings are the very things the people of the world seek but seek it in vain and in the wrong places: our children will be mighty in the land. Our ideas and words will grow in power and influence in the world. Our actions will have great impact. Our initiatives will prosper in the realm of our work. Our spheres of influence will keep expanding beyond what human or natural factors can explain or account for.

The ten commandments given through Moses are based on fear of penalty, to avert punishment. The two commandments given by Jesus are based on the agape love revealed through His life, teachings, death and resurrection. In all, we are given twelve commands but 10000 blessings as a result of our love of these commands and our eagerness to live and love by these. Some of these blessings that I have already perceived in my fifty five year sojourn so far on earth are that our children would be mighty in the land, wealth and riches without sorrow will be added unto us, our righteousness or godly reputation would endure forever. We will experience the grace, compassion and righteous correction of the Lord in the course of our lives. We will be given wisdom to manage our affairs with discretion and discernment. We will receive divine and human favour and be able to be a source of blessing and help to others in need of it. We will receive honour and be recognized as a source of inspiration and blessing. We will be secure based on our firm trust of the Lord. We will not fear bad news or be overtaken by things and events over which we have no control. We will constantly be optimistic and be expecting to receive good to great news, to be overtaken by blessings that the Lord had set in motion behind us. The worldly wise, the unprincipled, the unrighteous, the power hungry and the envious will perish while we flourish. The Lord will vindicate us in due time before our enemies if we hold fast to our love for Him and His commandments and promises.

Prateep V Philip

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