Friday, September 23, 2016

The Master Builder

UV 2076/10000 The Master Builder
For we are labourers together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building.
I Corinthians 3 v 9

We are co-workers with God, labouring side by side with Him . He is the CEO of our lives. But He also stoops to dirty His hands with us. We therefore have the immense, immeasurable and awesome power of God working in us, with us and for us. The Lord is partner with us in our life’s work. He will supply what we need. There can be no deficit of resources, strength or wisdom. The same God who made the mighty mountains, the vast oceans, the great rivers, the sun, moon and stars made you and me. He could have invested a measure of the stature, the might and power of these phenomena in us but the fact that He did not goes to show that His presence with us is what will invest such greatness in us and we cannot do it of ourselves. The Master Builder has the building plan with Him. We are to build to that plan or it will be disastrous. We are to build to plan, build the best, build to last. Anyone who has built a house knows that it has three main stages: the foundation, the structure and the finishing works. The foundation should be deep and preferably on a bedrock so that nothing can shake it. Our faith in Jesus, the Highest Rock should be unshakeable, deep and be able to withstand any storm, the power of the ocean’s waves or crashing thunder and lightning. The structure should be without flaw or defect. It should be strong and stable. We need to finish with the most beautiful materials, the flooring, the walls, the ceilings, the furnishing.

The greatest work the Lord does in our lives is what He does in us. We are tilled, ploughed and turned over like the soil of a field that is being prepared for cultivation. When a land is dug up to lay the foundation of a building, it looks ugly but when the building is completed, it is beautiful. The more the land was dug up, the deeper the foundation was laid, the stronger and more enduring the building would be. The Lord wants to build us with precious stones, jewels and treasures but we should not choose instead hay and stubble that are easily burnt and destroyed. He is building us day by day, nay moment by moment, experience by experience till we match every detail of the plan He laid out for us as a master builder.

Unlike building materials that play a passive role, we too are co-builders with the Lord. Even our act of yielding to the Lord or acquiescing in His will involves an exercise of choice. The Lord as the owner of the field or the building lays a hedge of protection around us. The choices we make right through our lives reflect our faith and how we are growing. We can choose as our minds and flesh directs us or as the Spirit led by the Lord directs us. We are a work in progress all the time though the Lord views us as a finished work or perfected building by His grace and mercy. By constantly listening to the voice of the Lord through His Word and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can avoid costly errors and the need to break down to rebuild sections of our lives.

Prateep V Philip

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