Thursday, September 15, 2016

Prevailing Power

UV 2070/10000 Prevailing Power
And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the LORD, to deliver thee
Jeremiah 1 v 19

Life for believers in Jesus at the best of times involves struggle, challenges, fighting as we are always fighting for the right in the light of His truth. This uni-verse states that the adversary of our soul and his agents would fight against us. It does not state that we will need to fight for the Lord asks us to be still, to still our hearts and fears in quiet prayer, to bolster our faith and to wait for the resolution that He will bring about. It is an assurance that they will never prevail against us as long as we hold onto our faith for the Lord is with us. He is able to deliver us out of the hand of the terrible, the wicked, the powerful and mighty of the land as He delivered Moses and Joseph time and again.

The Lord makes us a strong, fenced bronzen wall. Nothing can penetrate through such a defence. No fiery arrows of the enemy can pierce our defence. The strength is not ours but that of Jesus invested in us by faith and grace. He is the One who said, “ I am the good Shepherd.” He is with us as a good Shepherd and guard us against the roaring lion, the cunning fox, the hungry wolf and the deceitful serpent. As shepherd, He has strength to rip open the jaws of death as Samson ripped open a lion’s jaws. He can make the sweetness of the promises of the Lord to flow like wild honey from the dead lion’s carcass.

Jesus in His manifestation as the True Vine will enable our conflicts and crisis points to stimulate our growth and fruitfulness. He will impart patience or mastery over the flesh and mind to us in all our struggles so that we would not hasten but wait for the breakthrough He provides. Jesus as the Bread of life will provide for us daily manna from His Word during these times of struggle. Jesus as the Way will show us the way out of these troubles. We might be bruised or hurt during these times of attack or assault but the Lord is our healer and the Holy Spirit will comfort us. Jesus as the Light of the world will illuminate our paths even as we face the fight. David as he faced the mighty giant of a man, Goliath had all the odds against him 10 to 1. Nobody not even his brothers or King Saul or the other soldiers gave him a chance. His faith that the Lord is on his side gave him the courage, the strength and the faith that he would win. The Lord reversed the odds in his favour and he had decisive victory. Our sling is our fervent spirit of prayer and the five stones that David collected as ammunition to bring down Goliath are the five top priority prayer requests we should always have in our minds and hearts as we face our daily struggles. Indeed, persistent prayer brings prevailing victory.
Prateep V Philip

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