Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spiritual Phalanx

UV 2072/10000 Spiritual Phalanx
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
Psalm 20 v 7

Temporal power is based on military strength, financial resources, political strength, intellectual acumen and physical strength. But the base of power for a believer is the Lord Himself. Constantly remembering the name of the Lord is a veritable source of eternal power. The name of Jesus symbolises and contains all that God is- the Saviour, a loving Father, the mighty God, the Prince of Peace, a wonderful Counsellor. It is easy to put one’s trust in the temporal sources of power as these are visible, physical or perceivable. But the power of the Lord can be perceived only with the eye of faith and experienced in the heart of belief. This uni-verse says it is vain to place our trust in the earthly sources of power.

There is no safety for a general in the number of his horses and chariots for his own soldier in whom he trusts could take his life or betray him. The enemy could also come with greater force of numbers to defeat and put him to rout. A debilitating disease could also overtake him even as Alexander the great couqueror could not be saved from death by the legendary Greek phalanx. Jesus surrounds us with His invincible phalanx: the power of His name is released when we look to Him for help. The power of the Word is also at work in us. The power of His blood redeems us from sin, curses and death. The power of the Holy Spirit guides, leads and comforts us. Jesus sends angels as His foot soldiers to guard us against unknown and known threats and dangers. He arms, equips and trains us with spiritual weapons of offence and defence. The military standard or banner He holds over us is one of victory, peace and love.

Our sense of security is rooted in our trust in Jesus. He is the captain of our ship and no storm or rock can wreck the ship as long as He is in our lives. We need to commit our lives forever to Him. Apart from this once in a lifetime commitment of our lives, we need to daily renew our trust and relationship with Jesus. If there are any gap in the spiritual phalanx around us or if any of our spiritual weapons are rusty and in disuse, we need to set that right from time to time. Jesus makes our life failure-proof, defeat-resistant and victorious in all domains and areas of our lives.

Prateep V Philip

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