Sunday, September 11, 2016

Yoke, Bonds and Yield

UV 2067/10000 Yokes, Bonds and Yield

For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.
Nahum 1 v 13
Each of us have causes of anxiety, bondage, fear, frustration and sadness. The enemy brings these “yokes” or burdens. He ploughs the furrows of our brains and burdens our spirit. But in Jesus, the Lord has broken many yokes and He is still breaking yokes and tearing apart the cords that bind us tightly, restricting our movement, growth and fruitfulness. The Lord removes the burdens from our shoulders. He also gives us the strength and grace to bear the lighter responsibilities He gives us. The principal yoke the enemy uses to destroy human potential is sin, curses, death and defeat. Now instead of sin or separation from the Lord, we will live in union with Him. We are grafted onto the root of Jesus. We inherit lion-like or kingly power over all spiritual forces of darkness. The yoke of curses of diseases, famine, drought, poverty are broken.

The Lord uses the power of the gospel to break the yoke and the truth of the Word to break every bond that binds us. The Lord breaks every rod of oppression with which the enemy of our souls enslaves people. The uni-verse is used in the context of our current challenges as it uses the word, “ now”. He empowers, equips and enables us to gain lasting and eternal victory over the enemy. Each of us has some Goliath challenging us, attacking our peace and confidence. The Lord first increases our courage and confidence that we can face the Goliath and destroy him. He then gives us a strategy that cannot fail or put us at risk. He gives us the weapons like the sling and stones that David picked up. The final blow is given by the very weapon of the enemy as Goliath was decapitated with his own sword.

As we travail in the spirit, the Lord sees our burdens and bonds and lifts the former and breaks the latter. Our response is to first bolster our faith in the Lord as David pumped himself up against the taunts and insults of Goliath. Our next response is to step out
and decide in what manner we will handle the challenge. The next step is to choose our protective gear. We use our weapon of choice that fits the challenge best. At no point should we rely entirely onn our own strength or resources but we depend on the Lord to give us complete victory. Finally, we should be filled with joy, give thanks , praise and glory to the Lord for the great deliverance He has given, the amazing victory He has wrought in us and with us. The yoke is broken, the bonds are torn asunder with the purpose of increasing our yield to the Lord.
Prateep V Philip

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