Sunday, August 5, 2012

God Governance is Good Governance

UV 483/10,000 The Lord is Legislature, Executive and Judiciary Combined Isa 33:22 For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us The three branches of governance traditionally are legislature- the law-giver, the Executive-that executes laws and the Judiciary that adjudicates law. This uni-verse acknowledges God as the ultimate law-giver, executor and Judge. True and original sovereign power rests in and with God. As King, He is just, humble, accessible and generous. As ultimate ruler, He decides to remove one earthly ruler and bring up another. The Bible is the fundamental law or Constitution of the Kingdom of God. Unlike the Constitutions of the nations of the world, it is not imperfect and does not need to be amended to meet changing conditions and times. When we apply the Word of God that is contained in every verse of the Bible, it becomes a sword of excellence in our hands to execute God’s will in our lives. When we learn the precepts and principles contained in the Word and apply it to the judgment of people and affairs in our lives, we exercise the power of judgement of God. We are the Viceroys of God on earth. When we place our trust in the Lord and His justice, He shares His power with us. Recently, I heard an amazing prophecy from a nun who was called out by the Lord out of the convent in which she served as a principal: She said that one day as she was praying, the Lord revealed that He had appointed me as a watchman for the nation, that He had placed the legislature, executive and the judiciary in my hands. That revelation is not exclusive for me alone but for every believer. As we watch and observe things happening in our nations, the Lord gives us power to influence or bring about changes even in the governance of the country. We can pray for the removal of corrupt or despotic or misguided members of the ruling class in every nation. As diligent rulers on behalf of God, we must not neglect observing the details of events happening around us but after taking note of the details bring it to the Lord’s throne of judgement and mercy in prayer and faith. Every thing happens first in the spirit world before it happens in our world. He will also save us from the corrupt, despotic or misguided ways of people in position and power. The latter might think that they cannot be questioned but the Lord is the arbiter of their destiny. We might think that we are helpless against persons and people in position, power or influence. But, the Lord pits His strength and power on the side of the weak against the strong. Indeed, God governance leads to good governance. Prateep V Philip

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  1. So True, Like David and Goliath, only David's Real weapon was GOD's Presence

    with him. I believe GOD is ' the only way '. I Pray to GOD Never to leave me as I

    am not Perfect. I still remember the Movie - The Ten Commandments in which in

    the end Pharoah's wife mocks Pharaoh for not able to defeat Moses inspite of

    his armies and his Egyption Gods, to which Pharoah (played by Yul Bryner), who

    a man of few words says, " Their GOD, HE is GOD ".Justin Peters