Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turning Mountains into Fountains

UV 494/10,000 Psalm 36 v 9 The fountain of life Psa 36:9 For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. The Lord turns our mountains or our challenges and difficulties into fountains or sources of strength and joy. Often, when we are faced with such mountains, we turn inwards and search for answers from within. But, the Lord says that He will provide the answers. For He is the fountain of life, the fountainhead of knowledge and wisdom. He is the source of light. We will find light for our lives by seeking Him, understanding His Word and applying it in our lives. He will illuminate every dark area of our understanding so that it is as clear as broad daylight. The infinite array of stars in the universe was created and brought into existence by His mere Word to provide light, beauty and a sense of awe. The intensity of activity on each star to produce light energy is so high that it far exceeds the activity in all nuclear plants on the earth. Imagine the combined light, energy and power of all the stars in the universe. The light, energy and power of the Creator far exceeds all of that. We can understand and interpret many events and phenomena in the world and in our own personal history only in the light of the Word of God. Historians ,philosophers and scientists are not able to provide an adequate explanation to things that have happened or are still happening at the global or national level. Psychologists are not able to explain what has happened or is happening in our own lives. But, the Word of God can pinpoint both the cause, the source and the remedy. “ In thy light, shall we see light” implies that we do not suspend or disown or abandon our own God-given intellect or rationality. Life to be successful in the true sense has to be a partnership between the Creator and us. Obviously, He is the CEO and we are His working partners. The talents and resources He has given us are the capital He has invested in us. When confronted by many challenges,we in our finite and limited understanding and knowledge tend to be filled with doubt, trepidation and apprehension. We break our heads against the hard stone and loose our peace. If we use the tools of our intellect and our own resources on flintstone, the tools would either get blunted, bent or broken. We should therefore not get perplexed or anxious or fearful when strange events or mishaps or the unexpected happen but instead lean on the Lord and delve into His Word to gain an insight. As a test case, let us identify all the mountains or challenges in different areas of our lives and pray to the Lord to turn these mountains into fountains for “He can turn the rock into water, the hard flint into standing water.” We must shine the flashlight of His Word on the issue at hand. The light and heat of His presence, the power of His Word are sufficient to break down or tame the toughest situations in our lives. God’s infinite intellect will guide our limited intellect. His infinite wisdom will guide our own common sense. His unlimited grace will surround us. His quiet assurance will permeate our soul. This kind of perspective will give us hope, peace, joy, confidence and the calmness and assurance of faith. Prateep V Philip

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