Monday, August 20, 2012

The Impartation of Greatness

UV 498/10,000 The impartation of greatness 2 Samuel 5 v 10 2Sa 5:10 And David went on, and grew great, and the LORD God of hosts was with him According to Shakespeare, “ Some are born great, some become great and some have greatness thrust upon them.” In the categories of greatness envisaged by Shakespeare, he did not envisage the only true and enduring greatness that is bestowed upon us since the Lord, the Great I Am, the God of the hosts or armies of heaven, is with us. David started his career as a humble shepherd boy. But, as he enjoyed a personal relationship with the Lord God of hosts, he began to grow in greatness. He became a great worshipper, a great song writer, a great harpist, a great soldier, a great leader, a great commander, a great king. If we claim we enjoy a personal relationship with the Lord and believe He is with us and in us as He is El Shaddai and Immanuel at the same time, then we cannot remain the same as what we were when we started our spiritual journey. We will be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from being mediocre people to people of excellence, from average persons to be great. It is impossible for a person to remain what he was before he came to be with the Lord just as it is impossible for the grass not to be moist in the morning dew or for the soil not to be wet in the falling rain. David became great not by virtue of his birth in a noble family, his acquisition of qualifications or his personal qualities or abilities. He did not become great by his own efforts or because the people of Israel forced it upon him to take up the mantle of leadership and kingship. Just as the planets that do not have any light look resplendent like stars in the sky on account of light from the stars, we too reflect the wonderful light of the Lord’s presence. The Lord’s greatness is not reserved for certain historical characters like David but is freely imparted to all who truly seek to be with Him and who truly desire Him to be with them. We will begin to grow in strength or power, in wisdom or understanding and in terms of blessings. We too will slay our Goliaths. When we grow in wisdom and understanding, our decisions, relationships, plans and solutions will become great in the eyes of many. The Lord will impart wisdom in areas where we lack and by His grace fill the gaps in our understanding and knowledge. As we grow in strength, our decisions will be executed or carried out, our plans will be implemented. That is why it is said, weak men have wishes, great men have wills. Truly great people do the will of God and therefore, avail of the power of God. As the Lord of the armies of heaven is with us, we have a divine Special Protection Group or a secret service guarding our steps and covering our backs as we act in alignment with God’s will. Finally, the blessings of the Lord upon us, our decisions, our plans, our lives, our families, our professions or our work, our ministries and our legacies will impart the dimensions of greatness to our lives. Prateep V Philip


  1. Awesome message, beautifully explained.
    Praise God for blessing Prateep with discernment to break the Word.
    Domenica Fernandes

  2. I say "Amen" to all that you said. What a blessed thought it is to know that we are reflectors of our Great God and His being.
    Your exposition to this passaage is pregnant with the greatness and power of the Great and Mighty God, Whom we all serve. Blessed be His name.

    Praise be to God Who filled you with such thoughts as these to be shared with us all. His name be glorified.

    May He continue to bless you and use you more for His glory and for the blessing of His children.

    Blessed be thou, dear Bro.
    Samuel Abraham

  3. Thankyou for the Uni-verse messages which I receive from you every day. Its so enriching and soothing when you read these messages, daily and consistently. I pray to God to give you all what it takes to continue these messages incessantly for everyones benefit.
    Benoy Tharakan