Thursday, January 3, 2013

Absolute Security, Perfect Immunity

UV 627/10,000 Absolute Security, Perfect Immunity “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord Isaiah 54 v 17 Our righteousness is because of our faith in God and His Son Jesus. Hence, when someone accuses us, he or she is accusing God. Satan is accuser of the brethren. He inspires many to rise up against the people of God. The Lord knows of every weapon in the enemy’s arsenal. Such knowledge enables Him to neutralize every type of weapon, spiritual, intellectual, physical or verbal in the appropriate way at the apt time. He acts as our bulwark and strong defence. The Lord will enable us to defend ourselves against false accusations. He will give us the words to speak. He will vindicate us. He will ensure that we obtain justice. This uni-verse speaks of such an awesome heritage. It is called heritage as it is inherited from the Lord Himself. A heritage is something valuable like an heirloom. Similarly, the rise and deliverance from weapon attacks of different kinds is the material of human testimonies. These testimonies are precious and are part of our spiritual faith inheritance. They are to be cherished and recounted from time to time to bolster our faith and glorify God. We are the apple of God’s eye. Hence, any one who tries to harm us is trying to touch the very eye of God. He knows when a weapon is secretly being forged or made even in the minds of the enemy. He declares that it will not prosper or develop in such a way as to harm us in any way. When people meet and conspire against us, the Lord will bring about their fall and the foiling of their wicked plans. When Moses was born, the Lord protected his life by sending the infant into the very lap of the adversary when Pharaoh’s daughter saw the floating baby and adopted him. Daniel and his companions were saved from both the furnace and from the lions’ den. When Jesus was born, the Lord protected the baby from Herod’s evil plan to kill Him as He perceived a threat to his position. The Lord sent a dream to Joseph to warn him to take Mary and the baby Jesus into Egypt. When the Christ child Himself was not spared such threats and assaults, we too will not be spared the threats but what is assured is deliverance and a victorious outcome. Such a sense of absolute security or protection from hidden conspiracies, secret weapons and open accusations as well as less obvious insinuations is part of the right of inheritance of the children of God. We have spiritual immunity from assaults on our reputation, our physical well being and the well being of our families. When a coterie of officers conspired to stop an initiative that I started to create positive change in the police, the Lord miraculously prevented them from doing so. At a top level conference, He gave me the opening and the words to speak to defend it successfully. When some officers, senior in rank and age, tried to make me a scapegoat for the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, He again without my knowing it protected me and preserved my career. For seven years I faced various high profile enquiries but the Lord vindicated my honour even though I did the unusual thing of dispensing with all defence witnesses. Very often the Lord will give us the wisdom or shrewdness to speak the right word or to do the right thing to deal with both accusations and assaults. Prateep V Philip

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