Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three Levels of Security

UV 631/10,000 Three levels of Security And he said: “ The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;” 2 Samuel 22 v 2 Once David experienced victory over all his foes and from the hand of Saul, he confessed in this manner his faith in the Lord God. Who do you and I say God is to us? What we believe in our heart and say with our mouth is our faith. This is the essence of our lives that God takes into account. God told Moses, “ I Am who I Am.” It meant that He is the self-sustainer and uncreated one. But man in philosophy defines himself in different ways: As they say in French, “ Je pense, donc je suis”or I think, therefore I am. “ Je sens, donc je suis” or I feel, therefore I am. Some say, “ Je fais, donc je suis” or I do, therefore I am. But, the most essential way to define us individually and collectively is belief: “ Je crois, donc je suis” or I believe therefore I am. David experienced great victories from the time of his youth. Was God partial to him? No, it was because David spent time in the presence of God even as he tended his father’s sheep. He worshipped God with Psalms he composed and sang, accompanied by music from his harp. Therefore, the anointing and the hand of God was upon him. He had a personal relationship with God. The book of Psalms is a testament to the whole gamut of situations and emotions David went through in the course of his life, ranging from triumphant worship as in this uni-verse to sheer despair and depression at times. Everything else in life can change but the stable and constant factor in his life giving him an anchor, a source of stability was God as his rock. God is compared to a mighty rock that cannot be shaken. He is the Rock as His work is perfect, all His ways are just and He is without iniquity or shortcoming. So when we embed ourselves in this unique Rock, we too cannot be shaken, despite change and challenge in our lives. He is the continual source of our strength. We will be strategically located or positioned. Our foundations and our framework for decision making will be ever strong. Our lifework will also begin to be perfect. Our ways too will be just and we will be without “hamartia” or shortcoming. The Lord’s flag will be flying as a banner over all we are and all we do. On the Rock, the fortress or mountain fastness rises, impregnable in security and majestic in splendour. We build the walls of this fortress over a whole lifetime with our thoughts, words and deeds. The fortress does not belong to us. The master of the fortress is the deliverer,the defender, the Saviour Jesus. Three levels of security the Lord has built around us: the inanimate rock and fortress and the living person of the Saviour to defend us. It is our faith that secures us and causes us to be triumphant in life. I believe Jesus, therefore, I am. Everything I think, feel, speak and do is defined and circumscribed by this faith like the solid walls and ramparts of an ancient mountain fortress. Prateep V Philip

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