Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making Our Days Count

UV 638/10,000 Making Every Day Count “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90 v 12 Many people wonder why I have chosen 10,000 as the number of uni-verses to be written in the rest of my life-time. Assuming that I live to be eighty, I calculated that I would have 365 x 30 or approximately a little over 10,000 days. When we take a true measure of our days, we will develop a reverence or fear of God and we will develop a sense of priorities. Besides, there are 10,000 promise verses in the Bible. There are 10,000 reasons to praise God. The root of the commonly used praise word, “Hallelujah” or “halal yah” implies 10,000 praises. Our life however long or short is long enough to experience these 10,000 reasons. I also thought to myself that in obedience to the above uni- verse, it would help me to keep a count as the days progressed. Besides, my days are greatly blessed as I meditate on His Word day after day and early in the day. It constitutes the best hours of my life. The Lord had taught me to number my days. Truly, a day spent in the presence of the Lord is worth ten thousand spent elsewhere. It is a way to multiply the impact or influence of our mortal lives 10,000 times. When we make the Word of God the apple of our eye or our favourite focus, the Lord makes us the apple of His eye. The Word is the locus to which we return again and again to get a reference as to where we are and where we are heading much like a traveler who consults a map or looks at a compass or GPS. We need to focus on this locus every day of our lives and not just once a week to satisfy our conscience or to keep a tradition. When we apply our hearts to wisdom, He fills the empty spaces of our lives. Knowing the will of God and doing it is wisdom. Departing from evil is understanding. Every day we need to get just one step closer to knowing God’s will more fully and doing it. Every day we must resolve to depart from evil or to put a distance between us and what tempts us- our inner weaknesses that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us or He will teach us. When we increase in wisdom and understanding, we will also increase in favour with both God and man and we will grow in our spiritual stature, inch by inch. Every day, we have certain needs that we pay for with what we earn in our work. This is the knowledge aspect of life. What we cannot pay for, we pray for : love, health, forgiveness, peace, joy, longevity, eternal life. Wisdom will enable us to realize that God has made it possible for man to exist without Him but made it impossible for man to live without Him. Truly, when we count our days, He will make our days count. He also promises to add years to our life and life to our years. Prateep V Philip

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