Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Purpose Vehicles

UV 650/10,000 Special Purpose Vehicles The Lord said, “ Surely I will deliver you for a good purpose; surely I will make your enemies plead with you in times of disaster and times of distress.” Jeremiah 15 v 11 When the Lord delivers a person, it implies that He has preserved him or her for a special purpose. Every believer is a special purpose vehicle. We carry a message of hope back from the world to the Master just as the dove brought back an olive leaf to Noah as a sign of normalcy returning to a world that has been facing disaster and distress. When we go to work or back home, we must realize that the work or the support of our families are not our primary purpose. Our primary purpose is the message the Lord has given us to deliver. The postman does not know the message he is carrying to the receiver but we know the message and we live the message. The message is the life. Out of the mess of life, the Lord will make vivid His message. Even in or specially in times of disaster and distress, He will show that we are a people marked out for salvation just as the ancient Israelites were spared the deaths that visited every Egyptian home at the time of Moses. Their homes were marked for salvation by the blood mark of sheep. The angel of death passed over their homes. The Egyptians who held them in bondage entreated or virtually pleaded with them to leave. They sought their favour or blessing by giving them parting gifts of gold. Joseph was hated by his brothers. They first plotted to eliminate him and then chose the lesser evil of selling him into slavery. But, the Lord delivered him for a special purpose in order to save the house of Jacob. His brothers entreated him for grain when the family faced starvation. This rhema verse was spoken into my life recently as a prophetic utterance- a promise of things to come. In times past too, the Lord had delivered me from the evil spoken or done against me by a variety of people including colleagues, relatives and others and then used me to help those very people. Different circumstances in our lives are ordained or arranged to reveal a specific facet of Jehovah God- disasters and distress is allowed to reveal the “Nissi anointing” or the outpouring of the blessing of victory by grace. In times of harvest, we worship Jehovah Jireh, the provider. In times of disasterand distress, we worship Jehovah Nissi. God has one Name but many surnames. When our enemies seek our help in such times, we must not pull long faces but be gracious and magnanimous to them. As Joseph said, “ What you had planned as evil against me, God has turned to good.” Indeed but for the evil they had planned, there was no way Joseph would have been an influential leader in Egypt. The agency, agents and agenda of satan is often turned into means of deliverance by the will and Word of the Sovereign God. Prateep V Philip

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