Saturday, January 19, 2013

Choosing to be Blessed

UV 642/10,000 Choosing to be Blessed For thus saith the LORD; Like as I have brought all this great evil upon this people, so will I bring upon them all the good that I have promised them. Jeremiah 32 v 42 The first five words “ for thus saith the Lord” reveals that this uni-verse is from the mouth of God. It is backed by His authority and power and He will validate it in each of our lives. It tells us how He deals with those who are indifferent or hostile to Him and how He leads those who delight in obeying His Word. The Lord watches all people. But, just as He plucks up, throws down, breaks down, afflicts and destroys those who ignore Him or willfully disobey Him, He plants, builds and lifts up those who love and obey Him. To the former, the will of God will be performed in their lives. To the latter, not even one promise of God will not fail to be fulfilled. Like a horse whose eyes are covered with eyelets to keep it from getting distracted and going left or right, those who follow Him and His Word will not turn to the left or to the right. All the good that the Lord has promised His people is contained in the first fourteen verses of Deuteronomy chapter 28. The remaining verses of that chapter (verses 15 to 68) contains the many afflictions that befall those who do not believe the Lord and His promises. If we diligently obey the voice of the Lord to observe or apply all His commandments, we will be the head and not the tail. In fact, whether the toss of the coin or earthly circumstances will throw up “ heads” we will win and even if it throws up “tails” we will win. Even temporary reverses will turn out for our good. God’s coin has two sides: on one side are blessings of obedience and faithfulness and on the other side are curses of disobedience, disbelief and unfaithfulness. We must be zealous like Jacob in obtaining the blessings and careful in avoiding the plucking, breaking, throwing down and afflictions that come with disobedience. Blessings or curses do not come upon us due to ancestral sins or pre-determination but owing to our own acts of omission and commission. Prateep V Philip

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