Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Staple Food

UV 644/10,000 Our Staple Food "When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty." Jeremiah 15 v 16 The Word is our staple food. It sustains us. It strengthens us to face life’s many challenges. We need to eat the words of God’s Word. Like eating involves biting, breaking, chewing, tasting and finally , swallowing, our meditation on the Word involves analyzing each word, understanding the context and the text, relishing the hope and joy it brings to our lives, memorizing, recalling and applying it in our lives. Unlike food that we have at set times or at least thrice a day, we meditate on the Word all day and night. Meditation is also equivalent to the process of digestion. We need to truly enjoy spending time reading, studying and applying the Word in our lives. Others might delight in revelry, drinking and eating and making merry. But, we who are called by His Name are to delight in the Word. Truly it is a mark of a child of God that he or she delights in what the Father says to us. As Job said, “ I esteem His words more than my necessary food.” As David wrote in the Psalms, “ I desire it more than finest gold and sweetest honey.” To compare God’s Word with finest gold is to acknowledge that it is the most precious possession of a believer. It has long-term value. It can be capitalized or utilized for our need any time. To compare the Word with finest honey is to affirm that it is the promises of God that give us greatest delight in this world In short, we obtain short term or immediate benefits for our spirit, mind and bodies as well as long term and eternal benefits. The Psalmist also described the laws from God’s mouth as being more valuable than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. Each uni-verse is a law or underlying principle of phenomena in the world. Observing or obeying the laws of man does not bring any reward- it only prevents penalty or punishment. But, in observing the laws of God, there is much reward. Conversely, in ignoring the laws of God, there is much loss. When we remember, meditate, analyse and apply the Word to our lives, we are greatly blessed. The lordship of God in our lives is established and His might is manifested. We believe, honour and obey the Word of God as we derive our identity from God Almighty.

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