Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hope for Dry Bones

UV 632/10,000 Hope for Dry Bones Again He said to me, “ Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, “ O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.” Ezekiel 37 v 4 The people of the house of Israel were like dry bones as they had given up hope of reviving the kingdom of Israel after being conditioned to being in exile in Babylon. They were like many disjointed bones lying in the valley. The valley signifies a low time in our lives. The “ dry bones” are the people without hope and purpose in life. They are insensitive and are like moving skeletons. The vast majority of people from God’s perspective are ‘ spiritually dry bones.’ The Lord says, “ Prophesy and encourage these people to hear the word of God.” When they hear the Word of God, the breath of God or the Holy Spirit will enter their lives and revive them. Every human being needs spiritual resuscitation in this sense. We will be revived and reinvogarated. When other dry bones come in contact with us, they too will be revived just as when the prophet Elisha hid in a deserted cave, the skeleton, that came in contact accidentally with the prophet, came alive. When we hear the Word of God and pay attention, the Lord promises to put sinews of muscles, flesh and skin on us that we shall live. The sinews or muscles are the symbol of spiritual power that we gain when we read and meditate on the Word. The flesh is a symbol of our life work. The skin is a metaphor for the covering of faith that the Lord gives us. He will be as close to us as our own skin or even closer. We will be made spiritually whole and healthy. The different parts and aspects of our lives will be connected organically to make sense and fulfill the purpose of God for our lives. Without hope of a better future, we become dry and cracked up like dry soil. The moisture or water of the Word needs to penetrate our lives like rain penetrates dry soil and makes it fit for cultivation. The Word of God reinforces our hope of salvation. Our spiritually dry soul cries out for salvation and help as the parched soil cries for water. The hope that the Word gives will percolate to the deepest part of our being and nourish our roots to promote growth and fruition. Our dreams will be clothed with flesh. It will begin to take shape like a child forms from a single cell in the womb of a woman, multiplies, then forms a skeleton and all other organs. There is a gestation period for every hope and so we should not get into a period of frustration. Prophecy accompanied by the Word of God is a great and true source of encouragement. For the past 14 years, my family and I have been greatly encouraged from time to time by the prophetic ministry. Prophecy is like a rain or shower of blessings to encourage and revive our faith. It is indeed amazing that the Word has an apt verse for every thought and every situation of each of us. When we hear this Word,we will realize that it is truly God who is speaking and that it is not a mere figment of our imagination. Once I was thinking about the concept of VIBGYOR spoken by a police chief in a state level meeting. I thought it was a good metaphor. The Lord spoke the same acroustic to me in a prophecy as He can and does read my thoughts. He used it to encourage my dry bones in a low time in my career and life to say that “ I will revive you and reveal my glory in and through your life like the colours of the spectrum of the rainbow.” Prateep V Philip

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