Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Alpha of Certainty

UV 2960/10000 The Alpha of Certainty
That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed.
Luke 1 v 4

Most people think that there are only two certainties- our birth and our death. But Luke researched the life, teachings and times of Jesus and wrote His gospel as a letter to a friend in order that he might not know with certainty the truth concerning the birth, life, teachings, doings, death and resurrection of Jesus. This morning I just had an online discussion with a school classmate of mine now living in the USA. As a Muslim, he believed that Jesus is a prophet. I wrote to him that though Jesus fulfilled many prophecies uttered several centuries before His coming to the earth and He Himself uttered many prophetic words concerning things to happen in this world right onto the end time, He is no mere prophet but very God, man yet God, God yet man. One can combat a legion of doubts with this one certainty.

The certainty of our faith is that Jesus is the only person in history who is both historical and contemporary in the sense-He entered history two thousand years ago as a new born child, died as a fully grown man as a sacrifice for the absolution of all humanity but rose again with a transformed body and lives now and rules at the right hand of God the Father, the Almighty. Jesus is the first to call and reveal the nature of God Almighty as “Our Father in heaven.” In stating that His Father is our Father too, He was declaring us to be His brothers and sisters, His co-heirs to inherit all of heaven and eternity. The Alpha of certainty implies that among our unmet needs, the need for a child to know his father is the most fundamental. Jesus meets that need by introducing us to God as His children and God to us as our Father.

What are the things we are certain of? We are certain that we are loved by God. We are certain that we are saved by Christ. We are certain that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that there is no need for any alternative nor does an alternative exist. We are certain of our hope in Christ both in this life and the one to come. We are certain that our sins are forgiven. We are certain that the Father hears our prayers. We are certain that Jesus is our Advocate who pleads for us in heaven. We are certain that He ascended to heaven leaving the Holy Spirit to comfort, remind, strengthen, sanctify, enable, anoint, equip and counsel us in our new life in Christ.

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