Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Frame of Reference

UV 2941/10000 The Frame of Reference
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear
Hebrews 11 v 3

Without a frame, even the most beautiful picture or image can neither be presented properly or preserved. Without a rational, logical, meaningful, true frame of reference, our lives too would be torn apart. Our lives would be shapeless, meaningless, powerless, useless or vain. The worlds or the entire universe were not only formed by the Word of God but framed by the Word. The Word forms the frame of reference to understanding the fundamental issues of life and of the universe. We get the big picture as well as the meaning of everything that happens to us personally can be explained only by the Word comprehensively and adequately. The Word spells out the moral laws on which the universe is based. Jesus is the Word of Alpha- the initiator, the sustainer, the motivator, the salvation and the Word of Omega- the completion, the finisher, the last word on any and every subject. The biblical frame of reference tells us plainly that the invisible was made by the Invisible made Visible- Jesus at the time of creation and the Invisible-made-Visible, the Spiritual –Made-Flesh –Jesus saves all whom He made in His own image. The frame of the Word is unique as it alters the contents of the picture of the life of the person that constantly refers to it. It beautifies the picture. It preserves the picture as a legacy or testimony for the generations to come.

The big picture understanding convicts us that all that is visible does not matter in the long run or rather, in the eternal run. All that matters is the Invisible. The visible cannot make the invisible appear or disappear while the invisible makes the visible appear. Faith in the Invisible-Made-Flesh Jesus should surround all of our visible existence- our relationships, our business, our work life, our progeny, our homes, our difficulties and challenges in life, our minds, our thoughts, our speech, our actions and reactions. When the Word frames everything in our personal world as it does the universe, not only does everything make sense, every priority will fall into place, every potential will be fulfilled, every purpose will be met, every power manifested.

The word “frame” in the original Greek is “ katartizo” which has several nuances of meaning- to restore, to repair, to frame, to perfect, to mend. The frame of the Word can shape our whole lives, mend our minds, bend our wills, perfect our character, restore whatever we have lost in our lives. If we have messed up our lives or a significant part of it like our marriage, our children, our careers or our finances, the Word asks us to start again in conformity with the frame of reference- the Word. The Word is needed to repair the world- to remove the “l” in the world that stands for lust or illegitimate or illicit desire. Like a surgeon cauterises or burns a tumour or an unhealthy growth on our bodies, the Word cauterises the root of lust and pride in us. The lust has to make room for the love of Jesus, the pride has to make way for the deep humility of Jesus who gave up His own world to save the fallen world out of selfless love. The fear has to make way for faith. God also operates on a need to know basis like our professional organisations and He has revealed in His word in plain words and not in enigmas and riddles all that we need to know and the secret things are reserved.

Prateep V Philip

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