Sunday, May 6, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Deal with Burdens

UV2937/10000 Using Alpha Power to Deal with Burdens

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Matthew 11 v 30

The contrary image this uni-verse brings to our mind is that of an ox or donkey which has a very heavy yoke placed on its neck and on top of that the creature is forced to carry a very heavy load or burden. The yoke is a symbol or metaphor for responsibility. The burden is a symbol of the problems, difficulties, afflictions, challenges, limitations we face in everyday life on earth. It is the enemy’s work to increase the weight of our yoke and to also increase the load of problems and challenges we face in life. Jesus as our personal Saviour, the Alpha in contrast gives us a bearable responsibility and the power to bear the challenges and difficulties of life. Jesus does not promise to give us a carefree life or a life of ease. If we bear His burden to help others and save their souls, He will help us bear our burdens.

Jesus asks us to cast our burdens on Him. He helps us carry our burdens daily as stated by the Psalmist. We cast our burdens on Him when we take it in prayer to Him on a daily basis. He gives us the strength or Alpha power to endure the hardship, to face it, to overcome it. Unlike Balaam the prophet, we should not be blinded to seeing the angel of the Lord or insensitive in hearing His word. We need to move in the direction the Lord asks us to take and not be obstinate or stubborn in pursuing our own wills even it aggravates the situation. The cross of sacrifice is the lighter yoke the Lord has given us. We need to deny our old selves and feed our new selves with the manna of His word in order to develop the strength to bear this cross. The Spirit has to be fed and the lust of the flesh and the pride of our minds are to be starved. When we sow in the Spirit, we reap strength and grace to bear our lighter burden that Jesus gives us gladly.

Even as the Lord lends us His hand to carry our burdens, we too should lend our hand to help our fellow beings, both believers and non believers in whatever we are directed to or whatever way we are able to. The Holy Spirit also gives us the strength to face and overcome the various challenges of our lives. Sometimes, we may get miraculous or supernatural resolution, sometimes He may give us wise counsel or points out to us the steps we should take in the natural world to deal with the burden. Jesus Himself was not exempted from carrying the heaviest burden any human could every carry- the Cross of Calvary, a burden He did not bring on Himself but placed on His shoulders to alter the destiny of all mankind who believes in the salvation He provides. Deserted by His followers and family, He faced alone the agony of bearing the burden and for the first time in history, blood, sweat and tears issued from His body in preparation for the absolute absolution- the solution for all burdens of mankind- physical, intellectual and spiritual. The very Body of the Divine Physician, who healed all types of afflictions and lifted all types of burdens from shortages of resources to reviving the dead, became the means of lifting the heavy yoke and burden of sin, guilt, curses, diseases, suffering and death that the enemy had placed on every human.

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