Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Cancel Debts

UV 2947/10000 Using Alpha Power to Cancel Debts
Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt

Matthew 18 v 27

Our debts to the God Lord is forgiven or cancelled without trace by the Lord Jesus out of His great compassion. The servant in this parable narrated by Jesus Himself owed Him a great debt of ten thousand talents of gold. Each of us owe the Lord a great debt for every violation of the written code of Moses that we have committed in thought, word or deed. But Jesus cancels our debts when we receive and believe in Him as our Lord and Saviour. Likewise, we too are to cancel the smaller debts, the small hurts, the insults, the betrayals, the denials, the deception that we have suffered at the hands of others. When we have experienced such great grace that we in no measure deserve, it is right that we extend the same to others in our lives- our family members, our friends, our enemies, strangers, our neighbours, our colleagues. We need grace or the Alpha power of Jesus in order to issue a blanket cheque of forgiveness or cancellation of debts to all who owe us something this far.

Nehemiah saw God as One who is ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, of great compassion and faithful. We need to ask Him for grace to emulate His nature. It wont come easily and naturally, for it is natural to remember wrongs done to us, real or imagined, to seek vengeance, to retaliate, to pay back in the same coin. We need to submit our begrudging nature to the Lord, to offer it as a sacrifice or in other words, to kill it. We should be ready to forgive our brothers or sisters seven times seventy or times without number in the same manner, the Lord God has cancelled our moral and spiritual debts. He has declared us debt-free or free men to act on free will and not in bondage to those we owe a debt. We, too should cancel the debts owed to us, to declare those who have done us harm or hurt us in any way. When we hold anything against anybody we are actually holding him in spiritual chains in our minds and hearts. When we truly cancel their debts in the same measure our debts with the Lord have been cancelled, they will be released to enjoy freedom and we are released to enjoy a relationship once more with them.

Jesus taught us that it is not a one time cancellation of debts but as often as our brothers and sisters offend us in any way, we ought to forgive them. To be able to do so, our natural egocentric hearts should be transformed by Alpha power of Jesus into hearts of compassion, full of grace, not bile or bitterness, full of mercy, not vengeance, full of kindness, not rudeness or violence of word or actions, faithful and trusting of those who have harmed us not suspicious.

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