Thursday, May 24, 2018

Using Alpha Power IN Obtaining an Extraordinary Catch

UV 2955/10000 Using Alpha Power in Obtaining an Extraordinary Catch
And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes
John 21 v 6

The secret of a good catch in life is to listen to the Word of Jesus. When He asks us to do something, we should do it and the results will be astonishing. After the death of Jesus, the disciples had returned to the only profession they knew- fishing, not knowing anything better to do with their lives. Simon Peter had been first convinced Jesus is the Messiah when He had similarly told him to cast their net deep into the lake and they had an catch exceeding their expectations. They had not caught any fish all night- a frustrating experience for any fisherman. But on hearing the word of Jesus and acting on it, they caught an immense number of fish in their nets on both occasions, when they were first called to be disciples and later, when they were re-called to be apostles to catch mankind for Jesus.

Jesus will counsel us on the right direction in which we should devote our efforts. It was business as usual for the disciples who were fishing. It was an ordinary day. It is not as if Jesus could lead only fishermen into extraordinary success on an ordinary day but any of us, whatever be our profession or our calling in life as followers of Jesus could act on His word and similarly experience a miraculous catch, beyond ordinary human experience and expectation. The difference is that now we as believers need to go to Jesus to seek His direction, His counsel on where and when we should cast our nets. Of course, we do not catch humans by putting hooks in their noses but casting our nets has a metaphoric meaning.

We cannot stand on the shore and attempt shoreline fishing. We need to take risks and go deeper in faith. We need to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we row into uncharted seas, new experiences. The alpha power of Jesus works with pinpoint precision. He could tell the experienced fishermen to throw a line and catch a fish and that in its mouth they would find a gold denarii enough to pay their taxes. If He can direct fishermen in the area of their core competency, He can direct a businessman in business, a homemaker in bringing up children, a teacher in teaching, a policeman in detecting crime and keeping the peace, a doctor in healing, a statesman in governing and resolving disputes, a leader in leadership. Jesus does not cast the net on our behalf. We are to do what He tells us to even as Mary told the servants at the marriage banquet in Canna, “Do as He tells you to. “ We only need to have the faith, the confidence that Jesus is able to do far more than what our reasoning allows us to believe.

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