Saturday, May 26, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Deal with Conceit

UV 2957/10000 Using Alpha Power to Deal with Conceit
Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:

Jeremiah 9 v 23

The Word or Alpha warns any man from professing to be wise, any man boasting of his power, strength, ability, gifts, talents, any man from taking pride in his vast possessions. The Lord is a jealous God and does not share His glory with anyone. No one can elevate himself in his presence like a god or a divine being as Lucifer one of the chief angels did. He catches the wise and the shrewd in their craftiness or negates their schemes. He nullifies the might of the powerful and brings them down to the ashes. Instead, the Lord expects us to boast or glory in our claim that we know the All-wise, Almighty and Owner of the entire universe- Jesus. He is the only real Landlord and we are all His temporary tenants and stewards in His vineyard. The rent we pay are our praises, thanksgiving and the disciplining of our character on the lines of His word.

We find our wisdom in Jesus, our power in Him, our riches in Him. The more we humble ourselves under Him, the more we glorify Him and get an impartation of His wisdom, power and riches. The Word says that the Lord resists the proud or conceited and gives grace to the humble. We should realize the severe limitations of earthly glory, power, wisdom, wealth and trust only in the heavenly counterparts revealed in and through Jesus. In this world, we should be wise without appearing to be overly wise. We can be wise only by acknowledging and trusting on the Lord with all our hearts. We cannot partly trust in the Lord and partly on our own abilities, influence, riches, resources. The more we empty ourselves of conceit, the more are the channels of grace that are opened up in our lives.

Realizing the vanity of human wisdom, riches and power, we depend entirely on the Lord for His wise counsel, His protection and His provision according to His eternal riches. Even the situations of need and challenge in our lives are meant for us to realize and experience the riches and abundance of His grace towards us. Our dependence on the Lord is total. He is the Alpha and Omega of our wisdom, of our power and of our resources. He provides everything we need from beginning to the end. Imagine three circles with A or Alpha at the point of origin and the circumference of Omega. These are the three circles of God’s wisdom given to us, His might revealed and manifested to and through us, His riches supplied for our physical, emotional, spiritual, social, professional, familial needs. We buy His riches with the currency of our faith exercised in the name of Christ, the signatory of God.

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