Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Be Blameless

UV 2935/10000 Using Alpha Power to Be Blameless

I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart

Psalm 101 v 2

The power of Jesus is Alpha power for He alone described Himself as the Alpha and the Omega. Even in a race, all the action happens between the first words and the last words, the runners hear. First, they hear, “on your marks, get set go” and finally, “Congrats, well run.” So also all of our lives of faith in this race of grace are bracketed between the first word, Alpha and the last word, Omega. The Lord wants us to start well, to run well and to finish well. He desires that we are blameless in our walk in the world, with Him and in our homes. The Lord has accomplished everything for us on the cross but He expects us to measure up to His high standards in our daily lives in what we speak, what we do , how we relate to people, what our priorities are in life, the condition of our heart or the state of our attitudes.

Our attitudes are not a matter of chance but the default attitudes of our fallen or old nature. But it can change to be blameless through “etude”(French for study) of the Word of the Lord. Jesus is a different kind of Sovereign or King as He expects our willing and even delightful obedience and not an obedience out of fear or force. Simultaneously, we face great challenges as the enemy or “accuser of the brethren of Jesus” is sent out to test us, tempt us, make us fall and blameworthy. This binary dynamic is always at work in us who believe. In order to wrest victory, we need to be blameless in our beliefs. There should be nothing in our belief system that is erroneous, contrary to the Word of the Lord, that detracts from our complete love of God and fellow human. If not our beliefs will belie us and weaken us from within. Our faith will not be the rock-like , solid foundation on which we build a blameless life that cannot be shaken even in the worst of the storms of life.

But none of us being absolutely good and perfect given our human failings and frailties, the Lord supplies the grace to fill the gaps in our character and lives. In our weakness, is His strength and Alpha power revealed till we reach Omega or the last Word, the finishing line of life. However, between start and finish, Alpha and Omega, we need to do our very best to obey the word in letter and spirit. We need to walk in integrity of heart and uprightness as much as it depends on us. We need to evaluate our inner thoughts or attitudes on a daily basis with the searching eye and discernment of the Holy Spirit if we have given cause for offence or sorrow to the Lord and delight to the enemy of our souls. To this end, we need to bracket each day with etude or study of the word at the start (Alpha) and finish (Omega) of each day, the start and finish of each new project, each new phase of our journey back to God. The Word is a telescope to see the distant finishing line, a microscope to see what is happening deep inside us and others, binoculars to see clearly the path that lies ahead of us, an endoscope to study what is wrong within us and a periscope to see what the enemy 's next move and well- framed lens to enable us to see our next few steps, correcting our near and far vision.

Prateep V Philip


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