Friday, May 4, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Build

UV 2936/10000 Using the Word or Alpha to Build
Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

I Peter 2 v 5

Only the house built by the Lord will stand forever. Believers in Christ having accepted Him as the cornerstone of their lives, build their lives as a living temple for the Lord. The Word or Alpha gives them the living bricks with which to build. The agape love of Christ is what cements the bricks of our lives together. The Lord gives us the design of our lives. The Holy Spirit guides us as we build our lives around Christ. A house does not belong to itself but to the owner and the One who owns us is Jesus, the King. Our every thought, word and action are to be living sacrifices to Him. We live not for ourselves but for Him. We build on the foundation of the teachings of the apostles and prophets. Our lives are sacrificial as we willingly subject our egos, our wills to obedience to the Word or Alpha. Our lives are sacrificial as we seek no glory for ourselves but for the Lord. The Alpha then operates in all aspects of our lives till we are completed or perfected and made acceptable to God through Christ Jesus. There are no holidays while we are building. Like the volunteer builders of the walls of Jerusalem marshalled under the leadership of Nehemiah, we are volunteer builders of the walls of the spiritual houses that constitute the city of the Lord, the kingdom of heaven, the Eternal City under the leadership of Jesus. In one hand, we hold our swords, the Alpha or the Word of God and in the other , the tools of our profession. We are on guard all the time as we can be attacked by the enemies in order to disrupt our work. As we build, we need to fence our lives in all its aspects (Omega) with prayer and faithful appropriation of the promises contained in the Alpha or the word. Jesus is both Alpha, the Word and Omega, the Action that defeats the world.

God does not dwell in houses built with human hands but He loves to dwell in the houses built by Him. Our bodies and lives are made acceptable to Him through Christ. We are now sanctified vessels to carry His love to the whole world. We are not only the living temple in which He dwells but we are also the holy priests who offer up the sacrifices and the kings who reign on behalf of Christ on earth. This brings up the paradox of our identity in Christ. As priests, we are ministers or people meant to serve God and man. As priests, we are consecrated to serve the Lord. We are to be humble and broken before the Lord. We offer up prayers and sacrifices on behalf of the people. As priests, we are to be wise with our words. As kings, we are to rule in His name. We are to take dominion over all realms. We are to extend the territory or the influence of the Lord. We are representatives of heaven on earth. We are to strategise and execute plans. We are to pass spiritual decrees, wage spiritual warfare. Hence, we are both weak, meek and powerful at the same time. We are both servants and kings, rulers and subjects. We are controlled by the reins of discipline of the Lord and we reign in His name.

The actions and good deeds we do in the name of the Lord are the raw material with which the spiritual house of our lives are furnished. We are to furnish our lives with what is beautiful, enduring, eternal, magnificent, spiritual. The living stones that make up the many walls of our lives are to be shaped, polished, perfected to fit the mould of the Cornerstone. Jesus is the cornerstone, the keystone and the capstone of our lives. He is both Breath and Bread of our Spiritual lives. Our spiritual lives are not compartmentalised but part of the whole of our lives. We are separated from the world as we stand apart from its sinfulness, depravity, selfishness and we are united with Christ. Yet the temple of our lives are existing in the dust and grime of the world. We are part of the world but the Word or Alpha keeps us from behaving like the people of this world or having their priorities. We are not yet perfected but we are excited as we are moving constantly toward being like our ideal, our model. He too is not a distant spectator but He is involved actively, continually and all our lives in building us.

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